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Core values​​: integrity and pragmatic innovation and efficient

1.Our vision : To become Domestic first-class IC test equipment vendors

2. Our mission :

1.Achieve Changchuan Technology as a famous Chinese IC test equipment brand

2.Meet customer needs with cost efficiency products and quality services

3.Provide employee excellent working environment ;

4.Create shareholder the largest investment interests ; philosophy

Attach importance to the growth of talent and the introduction of;

Focus on R & D investment and development management;

Strengthen the management of production quality;

Advocates of process monitoring, results management

4 .R & D management ideas

Continuous exploration, not afraid of failure, innovation, creation of technical innovation enterprise;

Continuous learning, innovation, new technology apply to new products, increasing product technical additional value;

The ongoing technical innovation, to provide customers with the best cost-effective products;

Continuous accumulation of technology, strengthen the exchange of experiences, and share with everyone;

To strengthen product development of technology assessment, the development process for quantitative management, result evaluation.


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